METALON ® C2 Extreme Pressure oil

suitable for the protection of 2-stroke and “oldtimer” engines that do not have an oil filter system, gearboxes, hydraulic systems and differentials. 4-stroke engines needs METALON M.

  • Stops wear almost completely
  • Protect metal surface during cold start
  • Provides for smoother metal surface
  • Reduces friction and heat generation
  • Prevents blur of tools during metalworking

METALON C2 was originally designed to use in compressors and other closed systems without oil filtration. The product is particularly suitable for use in metalworking (cutting, shaping, pressing, etc.).

  • Dosage for metal working, apparatuses of precision etc: Depending on the desired effect and the expected extreme load, Metalon C2 is dosed at 10 or 20%. In exceptional cases (precision mechanics, manual machining of stainless steel) Metalon C2 can also be used as concentrated.
  • Dosage for two-stroke engines: replace the half or all of mixture oil by METALON C2.
  • Available packages: 250 milliliters / 1 Liter / 5 Liter / 20 Liter
Product Data Sheet Material Safety Data Sheet