METALON ® HT Extreme Pressure Grease

Stops cold welding, smoothes continuously and protects against further wear.

  • stops wear almost completely
  • protects metal surfaces from abrasion
  • provides for smoother metal surfaces
  • reduces friction and heat development
  • possesses high electrical conductivity

METALON HT (high temperature) greases protect against rust, corrosion, oxidation, water washout and provide excellent mechanical and thermal stability. The application range is between -40 ° C and +300 ° C.

METALON greases are based on a calcium sulfonate complex and were originally developed for the submarines of the Canadian Navy (saltwater environment). METALON greases provide residual anti-wear protection during threatening cold welding (>1400°C) between two microscopically small metal surfaces and instead of damage of its two involved micro surfaces METALON greases protect against abrasion even when the grease is squeezed out.

METALON greases are typically used in industry, engineering, automotive, marine equipment, gears, bearings, stuffing boxes, oven conveyors, military equipment, tractor fifth wheels, farm production and so on.

  • How to use: It is highly recommended to use the HT-EP greases purely
  • Available packages: 10 ml syringe / 50 ml syringe / 50 g mini-box / 330 g box / 400 g cartridge DIN 1284 / 1 kg  box / 5 kg pail / 20 kg pail

Package dimensions (diameter x height)

  • 50 g: 45 mm x 56 mm
  • 330 g: 95 mm x 70 mm
  • 400 g: 54 mm x 238 mm, following DIN 1284
  • 1 kg: 95 mm x 166 mm
Product Data Sheet material safety data sheet