METALON ® M Extreme Pressure oil

METALON M is specially developed for use in 4-stroke engines as well as for “oldtimer” engines from 1935 onwards with oil filter systems. For oltimer-engines without oil filter systems (before 1935), gearboxes, hydraulic systems and differentials use METALON C2. It’s suitable for passenger cars, trucks and especially for heavy duty applications such as tractor pulling, racing sports, rally, large (construction) machines etc.

  • stops wear almost completely
  • protects metal surface during cold start
  • provides for smoother metal surface
  • reduces friction and heat generation
  • reduces the use of energy

METALON M is ideal for mixing with mineral and synthetic oils. METALON M is not efficient when mixed with aqueous solutions such as cooling emulsion in metalworking.

  • Dosage: 10 % of oil contents, by first application or for rapid effect double the dose.
  • Available Packages: 250 Milliliters / 1 Liter / 5 Liter / 20 Liter
Product Data Sheet Material Safety Data Sheet