Dry running properties

Metal surfaces treated with METALON ® have excellent dry running properties. Even if the lubrication fails (due to line clogging, maintenance errors, etc.) the unit will not suffer any damage for a short time. Nevertheless, we recommend regular dosing or lubrication with METALON ® to avoid further damage later on.

Cold Welding (without METALON ®)

  1. Two metal surfaces touching each other and set in motion threaten to “strike” with their elevations
  2. A “flash temperature” of > 1400 °C is created by touching the metal tips. The two tips are welded.
  3. As the two metal surfaces continue to shift against each other, the welded areas break up. The surface has been damaged, the particles of the breakout float between the metal surfaces in the oil or grease and cause further damage. Larger particles are caught by particle filters. Smallest particles remain. The tolerance is constantly increasing.

METALON ® stops cold welding

  1. As mentioned above
  2. Again, maximum temperature is created by the collision of two elevations – the two elevation points threaten to weld.
  3. This is when METALON ® molecule acts: By chemical-physical connection it protects the two elevations. Instead of welding, smoothing occurs and the tolerance is maintained

METALON ® smoothes continously and reduces the surface load

Depending on the degree of coating, metal surfaces have a supporting layer of about 30% of the total surface. Considering the progressive development while using METALON ®, you can see the treated surfaces are not only protected, but continuously smoothed more and more.

Up to about 80 % of the total area is now covered by the applied forces, which corresponds to about one third of the original surface load (per square millimetre)


METALON ® reduces friction, heating and contamination

Smoother surfaces, less surface load and less break-out particles reduce friction and thus the heating of the components of an aggregate. The smooth metal surface is much less contaminated.

METALON ® prevents further welding at each individual contact point during operation and thus reliably stops the increasing damage to the metal surface.

Cold start properties

One of the unique properties of METALON ® oils is their chemical-physical bonding to the protective metal surface. METALON ® does not drip when the unit stands still and therefore also protects the machine during cold starts.

How METALON ® high performance lubricants work (short version):

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