METALON ® high performance lubricants and high performance greases are available at METALON SWISS, BOHA AG.

METALON ® has an effect directly on metal surfaces
(English on metal: ON THE METAL, METAL-ON)

Stops wear almost completely

Protects metal surfaces from abrasion

Reduces friction, heat generation and contamination

Provides for smoother metall surface

How METALON ® high performance lubricants work (short version)

8-minute video with all test series:

With METALON ® high performance grease we could increase the lifetime of the bearings for our dryer from 6 weeks to 14 months. The dryer is exposed to very hot temperatures (up to 380 °C) and dirty conditions.

Javier Ornelas / Maintenance Target Products

The motors of our drying ovens failed every 2-3 months and were serviced every 2 weeks. With the METALON ® HT high performance grease we were able to increase the maintenance intervals significantly and the motors run for 1-2 years without any incidents.

Tom Cowley / team leader, Blueridge Lumber

With 10% METALON ® C2 in the hydraulic system of our mixer we were able to reduce the operating temperature to 38 degrees Celsius (previously 71 °C). Now we can use the same hydraulic oil all over the year.

Wayne Hodges / mechanic, Halliburton Services
  • METALON ® C2: Higher performance of our snowmobiles and chainsaws
  • METALON ® M: Lower oil temperatures, no more overheating -> Significantly less damage
Daren Draper / mechanic, Greenwood Forest Products

We used to replace the bearings in our drying ovens every 6 months. With METALON ® high performance grease we replace the bearings every 1.5 years.

Phil Berukoff / Tri-Valley Equipment

Due to METALON ® high performance grease we were able to reduce the number of bearing changes by 75%.

John Holmes / mechanic, Sundre Golf Club